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Introducing the 'Please Join Me' Series!

Joe Traina makes his podcast hosting debut with "Please Join Me", a bi-weekly sit down with those in the arts to talk about the industry, their recent projects, and careers. You can listen to Please Join Me with Joe Traina anywhere you get your podcasts. Click here for a full list.

Joe offers this insight to the show:

During these challenging times where social and professional life has been temporarily brought to almost a standstill, one of the most affected people are members of the arts community.

For example, the very nature of performing artists requires an audience interaction (or an audience in attendance) and that has all but ceased for the moment.

Many are finding other careers and there are those who are barely holding on.

There have been some creative attempts at webcasts and outdoor events at safe distances, but the congregation of people in close quarters may not resume for months if not years.

In addition, many venues remain closed or are just reopening including theatres, museums, concert halls, etc.

As a lifelong advocate for all of the arts, I wanted to establish this platform as a means to speak initially with folks I have worked with about what they are doing to continue making art and what they hope to do in future.

This will be an approximately twenty minute format and can continue in other episodes with the same guests should the conversation warrant.

I am happy and eager to host musicians, actors & actresses, writers, lyricists, composers, photographers, designers and anyone else in the arts community who would be willing to spend some time with me.

My intent is focus on the guest and use my platform in a minimal way to promote my own projects.

In my desire to travel and speak with my guests face-to-face, it also gives the dialogue a spontaneous quality and could also bring attention to the restaurant or coffee shop I may frequent.

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